Humidistat Moisture Sensor Irrigation Control



Humidistat Moisture Sensor Control

Save water and provide perfect moisture levels automatically by minimizing irrigation run times for your living wall recirculating system. Designed for use with Florafelt living walls, the provided humidistat and moisture sensor protection probe detects the humidity level at the bottom fold of a Florafelt Pocket. The unit will control pump run times to maintain an optimal and consistent moisture level for your living wall.

For most situations use a setting of 90 to 95 percent humidity.

How to use
– Connect this unit to your pumps in a recirculating system using the grounded cord plug ends
– Insert the provided sensor protection probe into a Florafelt Pocket
– Place into the side edge of a pocket next to a root wrapped plant
– Press and hold the set button to adjust settings
– Set to turn on at 90 percent humidity (RV or Run Value in the display)
– Set to turn off at 95 percent humidity (SV or Stop Value in the display)
– Press and hold the set button to confirm settings

Other Settings (not used)
– High Humidity Alarm: Set to 100 percent
– Low Humidity Alarm: Set to 0
– Calibration: Set to 0

How to Mount
Mount the Humidistat Control Unit on the side of the tank or on the wall using provided double stick tape or mount using small screws and slots on the back of the unit.

Fine Tuning Tips
Adjust the unit’s operation by locating the provided probe at various locations in the wall. You will find certain pockets will provide more optimal sensing for you situation. It will take some time for the humidity to stabilize and the unit to work properly. To quickly stop the pump, you may blow into the end of the probe to quickly raise the humidity inside the probe then return it to the pocket. Make sure it is touching the bottom of the pocket. The probe will then stabilize to detect the humidity within the pocket.


Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 3 in

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