Florafelt WIFI Moisture Sensor


Insert into Florafelt Pockets and Pro System to track moisture levels in your living walls. Monitors living wall pocket moisture and provides alerts for potential dry-outs.

Florafelt Humidity Sensor
Insert into the side of a pocket near the top row. 2nd pocket down is ideal.
The sensor is hidden in the system.

Track Moisture Trends Over Time

Observe humidity readings over weeks or months, and make adjustments to your irrigation as required.

Installation and Setup

Florafelt Govee Moisture Sensor Setup Guide

Set Low Humidity Alerts

Adjust the Relative Humidity Alarm to alert you of potential dryouts.

Click on Alert Me to make it active.

Start with a 50% setting. If you get false alerts then lower the level by 10% to find a more accurate setting. Raise the level if you find your wall has a higher humidity on average.

Tip: First observe the humidity settings for a week, then adjust the level below the lowest daily level.

Florafelt Humidity Sensor Plastic Rain Cover

Protect the Unit from Water Exposure

The electronic unit itself is not waterproof. Use the provided Splash Cover to protect the unit from exposure to water and make secure with a rubber band.

Florafelt Moisture Sensor placed near the top row pocket for early dry out detection.

Sensor Placement

The moisture sensor will provide the best results if placed near top rows of you living wall. The 2nd Row down is best, so it doesn’t conflict with the irrigation system. This will give you the earliest possible notification in case of an irrigation system or pump failure.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 in
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