Florafelt Root Wrapper 12-inch (12-pack)


    Use Root-Wraps to easily handle plants in their existing soil and slide them into the pockets. Change and rearrange your vertical garden. Made from absorbent water-wicking synthetic nylon felt.

    SIZE: 12 x 12 inches QUANTITY: 12 pieces

    Included with the Florafelt Pocket Panels and perfectly sized to hold a 6 inch potted plant (with some soil removed) or a collection of smaller plants.

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    Florafelt Root Wrapper 12-inch

    For use with the Florafelt Pocket Panel System.

    Root Wraps let you change and arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil.

    Made from absorbent water-wicking recycled PET plastic felt.

    Instructions: Position the square to make a diamond shape. Fold top corner down to make soil line.  Place the plants on the root wrapper. Fold the bottom corner up. Lift bottom edge up. Fold in tips. Use a rubber band (optional). Place in felt pocket.

    How to Use Root Wrappers

    Learn to create a simple succulent garden using the Florafelt Vertical Garden System. Chris Bribach gives a quick demonstration at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers.

    Quick Root Wrap Demonstration

    How to use Florafelt Root Wraps to create a vertical garden with the Florafelt System.

    Florafelt Wraps Reused for Living Wall Renewal

    The San Francisco Botanical Garden Bookstore asked Chris from Plants On Walls to refresh the Florafelt Pockets living wall garden design. Chris uses reusable Florafelt Wraps to swaddle ferns and colorful flowering perennials to the wall.

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    Dimensions12 × 12 × 2 in
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