Florafelt Irrigation Drip Tubing & Emitters Kit


Complete drip irrigation tubing kit. Includes : 1/2″ irrigation tubing, Drip emitters, Compression connectors. Designed to use emitters that create adequate flow for the regulator.

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Adequate Flow

Drip systems require a pressure regulator to prevent blowouts of the connectors and emitters. The pressure regulator has a minimum flow rating. Typically 1/2 GPM or 30 GPH (gallons per hour). Drip emitters range from 1/2 GPH to 10 GPH. Choose drip emitters that, when added together, equal a total beyond the minimum flow (40 GPH).

Choose the ‘wall width’ for you system in the dropdown above when ordering your system.

Florafelt Pockets Drip Irrigation Netafim Emitters Living Green Design.

Irrigation Drip Line Installation

Our kit includes Netafim Drip Emitters that are self sealing when the pressure drops. This keeps them quiet when the system turns on each time. These high quality emitters provide the best possible performance and reliability for your living wall.

Only use a single row of emitters at the very top of your wall

Florafelt systems are designed to wick water down to each pocket. Our patented pleated design slows water at the bottom fold of each pocket where it can be absorbed to each and every wrapped plant in the system.

Choose a Drip Irrigation Timer

See our drip irrigation guide to learn more.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 in
Wall Width (in pockets)

1 pocket wide, 2 to 3 pockets wide, 3 to 5 pockets wide, 6 to 9 pockets wide, 10 to 19 pockets wide, 20 to 48 pockets wide, 48 to 80 pockets wide

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