Florafelt Irrigation Control Box


With the Florafelt Irrigation Box, you can enjoy the benefits of a lush and healthy living wall or vertical garden, without the hassle of manual watering. Complete system includes: Irrigation Enclosure Box includes: Connector Hose, Irrigation Timer, Water Filter, Pressure Regulator, Adapters, Wall Mounting Hardware. Required on site: Water source located nearby with separate valve with 3/4″ Hose threads.

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Florafelt Irrigation Control Box

Product Description

The Florafelt Irrigation Control Box is the perfect way to automate your living wall watering. The box includes a backflow preventer, connector hose, irrigation timer, water filter, pressure regulator, adapters, and wall mounting hardware. All you need to do is add your own water source and you’re ready to go!

The Florafelt Irrigation Control Box is easy to install and use. Simply connect the box to your water source, connect the irrigation timer to the box, and add your plants. The timer will then water your plants according to your schedule.

The Florafelt Irrigation Control Box is the perfect way to keep your living wall healthy and thriving. With the Florafelt Irrigation Control Box, you can rest assured that your plants will always have the water they need, even when you’re not home.


  • Secure Enclosure
  • Connector hose
  • Irrigation timer
  • Water filter
  • Pressure regulator
  • Adapters
  • Wall mounting hardware


  • Automates your living wall watering
  • Easy to install and use
  • Keeps your living wall healthy and thriving
  • Durable construction

Connect To a Nearby Hose Spigot

Our assembled kit includes a connector hose that makes it easy to hook up to a nearby water source, which should have a separate valve with 3/4″ hose threads for easy installation. We recommend securing the faucet valve so that it can not be easily turned off.

Irrigation Box Options

Manual Analog Dial (Easy)

The analog style digital timer allows you to set the watering schedule and duration, while the water particle filter and pressure regulator ensure that the water is clean and at the right pressure for your plants. Use this system if you need a quick and easy way to set up your living wall irrigation system.

WiFi Remote Flow Sensing and Control (Advanced)

Features a Link Tap timer with flow sensor to detect flow problems and will alert you of irrigation issues such as the water source being turned off by accident. The Link Tap system provides functionality for remote control from a phone app or webpage to adjust for weather, set exact watering times, and shared system control. The system will require a hard wired LAN network connection to your router that is in range of it’s separate hub. Setup requires some technical knowledge but will provide the most reliable long term control of your living walls crucial irrigation requirements. Pressure regulator and particle filter are included.

Connect To Standard Irrigation Tubing

The included adapters make it easy to connect the system to your existing irrigation setup.

Complete Kit Includes:

Connector Hose

Battery Operated Irrigation Timer

Option: WiFi Remote

Option: Analog Dial

Pressure Regulator

T- Particle Filter

Irrigation Tubing Adapter

Wall Mounting Hardware

Required on site: Water source located nearby with separate valve with 3/4″ Hose threads.

Add a Drip Tubing Kit and Drain Tray

Learn more

To learn how to install drip irrigation systems see our fee online living wall drip irrigation guide.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 in
Irrigation Timer

Analog Dial, WiFi Remote Flow Sensing and Control

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