Florafelt Recirc-32 Plant Tower


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 Florafelt Recirc Vertical Garden Systems

Dramatic living walls can tower anywhere in your home or patio. Each system comes with a water tank, pump and timer to keep your vertical garden perfectly fed and watered. Thin and lightweight, you can set them on the floor, mount them on walls, or put them on wheels, to move your garden wherever you like. Excess water drips into the tank where it is recycled back into the garden. A digital timer sets watering cycles and can be plugged into a standard 120v outlet. Total system includes: Water Tank, Pump, Digital Timer, and Root Wrappers. Select either 24 or 33 pocket units. Sturdy construction tank and frame made from welded 18 gauge stainless steel. Includes wall mounting hardware.

  • Waters Automatically
  • Easy To Plant And Maintain
  • Explore Many Uses Indoors And Out



Florafelt Recirc-33 Free-Standing vertical gardens by Anita Bohrnerud of Green Roof Specialists.

Put Up a Paradise

Create beautiful living walls with Florafelt Recirc Systems. Roots grow into the plastic felt just like living walls in Europe that are now over 30 years old.  Each unit is self contained with it’s own tank, pump, irrigation tubing and timer.  Root Wraps are included, ready for you to plant and enjoy.

An abundant collection of plants converts CO2 into oxygen. Roots and soil systems that grow in felt absorb toxic VOC’s and convert them into high nitrogen nutrients for plants. Plants condition the air, absorb noise, and make our living spaces more enjoyable.

Our Florafelt pocket system with Root Wraps lets you change and arrange your vertical garden easily and mess-free.

Recirc Free-Standing Double-Sided Vertical Garden Units by Rainforest Plants Oakland for Trifacta San Francisco.
Florafelt Recirc-33 for Redscout Offices in San Francisco.
Florafelt Recirc Systems. Made in the USA from recycled materials. US Patent 8141294

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Dimensions 19 x 19 x 64 in

Brushed stainless, Black, Charcoal, White