Florafelt Pro System Unit 3×2 Assembled


Florafelt Pro System Vertical Garden Unit. Fully assembled living wall unit includes: Wire Grid (6 inch openings), Florafelt Grow Strip, 24 Root Wraps, and stainless wall mounting clips. Fully assembled and ready to plant. Use to fill walls with an architectural grade vertical garden unit, as a client display, test unit, or living wall unit.

Modular Unit Dimensions: 36″ W x 24″ H x 4-1/4″ D

  • Units can be stacked so water will be channeled to the unit below
  • Can be hung from hooks or attached permanently
  • Wire grid constructed from welded 1/4″ stainless steel 304
  • Includes 4 stainless steel mounting clips
  • Ships with 24 of the 16 inch Root Wraps
  • Grows 24 plants, not included
  • Patented woven felt system outperforms all others
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Florafelt Pro System by Alec Hawley Succlents vertical garden
Succulent vertical garden by landscape architect Alec Hawley using the Florafelt Pro System.

A Century Product for Long Lasting Gardens

Architectural Grade Vertical Gardens for Professional Plant Wall Installations

The Florafelt Pro System is a high quality patented vertical garden solution that uses water wicking Florafelt Grow Strips woven into a galvanized (or stainless) wire grid to create a drip-free water distribution system for growing a high-density arrangement of plants on walls.

  • Use 6-inch Grow Strip with custom 6 x 6 inch stainless steel 304 with 1/4″ wire grids to create extremely robust vertical gardens.
  • Or use the pre-assembled Florafelt Pro System Modular Unit to make any size living wall.
  • Engineer mega-scale plant walls.
  • Discover unlimited possibilities.


Florafelt Pro System Install Quick Video

Planted Design used the Florafelt Pro System to create a breathtaking living wall installation for their client’s private home in Pleasanton, California. Showplant Nurseries assisted with the felting and planting and ongoing maintenance.


Pre-Wrap Plants for Mess-Free Installs

16″ root wrappers to accommodate larger sized plants that can simply be wrapped and inserted into the pockets. Root Wrapped plants done off-site also make for an extremely rapid and tidy installation on site. Plants can easily be changed by pulling out the wrapped plant cleanly.


Florafelt Pro System Baby Tears
Baby tears make a green carpet in the Florafelt Pro System.

Drip Lines At Top – Water Wicks Down

The entire wall is typically irrigated from the top only with drip emitters that slowly add moisture to the wall. Water wicks down to each root-wrapped plant where roots begin to grow from their original soil into the felt. Water is efficiently absorbed throughout the wall to water each plant.

Florafelt Pro System Fern Wall for Tesla
Florafelt Pro System fern wall vertical garden for Tesla headquarters in California.

Commercial Client Success

12′ x 8′ Fern Wall Vertical Garden designed by Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls. Using the Florafelt Pro System Stainless Steel Grid units mounted to a galvanized unistrut frame. Root Wrapped Ferns were added by Arnulfo DelReal of The Plant People. The pre-wrapped ferns were inserted into the felted grids to create a design wave of green as requested by the client.


Florafelt Pro System Wire Grid Installation
Florafelt Pro System installation using stainless steel wire grids attached to unistrut.

Plastic Water Barriers were inserted into the wire grid to direct water run-off to a gutter below.


Florafelt Pro System Brandon Pruett weaves Grow Strip
Brandon Pruett weaves Florafelt Grow Strip in the Pro System.

Weave In the Grow Strip to Create Water Wicking Pockets

6 inch grow strip is woven into a 6 inch by 6 inch metal grid. The patented system directs moisture inward and keeps the front dry and drip-free.

Florafelt Pro System – Felting & Wrapping

Use the larger 16-inch Wraps for the Pro System

The Florafelt Pro System uses the larger 16-inch root wraps that can accept larger plant materials and more soil. The higher density planting and additional soil make for an extremely robust plant wall. In the video below we demonstrate how to add soil for smaller plants and remove soil for larger materials. Always test the size of your wrapped plants as you go by inserting them into the system.

Use a Root Wrapped plant to test depth as you weave in the Grow Strip

Grow Strip should be woven deep into the grid about 3/4 down. This allows for better water distribution and ‘locks’ the plants in. As you weave in the Grow Strip, use a wrapped plant as a guide for setting the depth. The wrapped plant should set completely in the pocket so the top of the plant is level with the bar. When done correctly you may need to push up the plant above to get the plant below out.

It’s fast and fun to get a team to help out

Root Wrapping is a lot like putting on a diaper (swaddle). Everyone will want to get involved.

Learn how to use the patented Florafelt Pro System to create a robust and versatile vertical garden. Chris Bribach demonstrates how to weave Florafelt Grow Strip and Root Wrap plants of various sizes for Alex Hawley’s backyard succulent living wall in San Francisco.

Wire Grid Installation

Our wire grid system is easy to install and can be modified to fit any size wall. Made from high quality 304 stainless steel they offer a pre-engineered solution for architects and engineers.

Assembly of the Florafelt Pro System

  • Mount Stainless Steel Wire Grids to your wall.
  • Then Insert the Plastic Water Barriers
  • Weave in the Grow Strip.
  • Add Irrigation and Drain Trays
  • Add Root Wrapped Plants.


Each grid is 3 feet wide x 2 feet high x 4.25 inches deep. Grids can be cut down easily with bolt cutters for custom sizes. Grids can be overlapped and saddled on to the adjacent panels to fill in areas less than 3 feet wide.

Grow Strip

Florafelt Grow Strip is woven into each opening starting at the top and working downward. Form pockets that cover about 3/4 of the opening below. Plants should be seated firmly and deep within each pocket.


Each 3ft x 2ft grid requires one 15 yard roll of 6 inch wide grow strip for adequate coverage. Openings are slightly less than 6″ so the felt fits in snug.

Root Wrappers

There are 24 openings in each grid so order 24 root wrappers per grid unit.


Openings are sized to receive root wrapped plants. A full 6″ potted plant will fit in nice and snug. Or you can use two of the 4 inch potted plants per pocket. But also you can add a cup of soil and use just one 4 inch plant per pocket. You can save a lot on cost if you start with seeds, cuttings, or bare-root.

Florafelt Pro System Parts

Use elements below to create your architecture grade vertical garden structure.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 37 x 31 x 7 in