Industry standards for food safety

We claim food safety for our Florafelt products because they are made from the same PET materials used for plastic water bottles. These are the same materials approved by the USDA for use with water bottles, milk jugs and other food consumption containers. Based on this industry standard we are confident to claim that our products are food safe.

Previously known issues

We understand that there are certain groups that have concerns about trace toxins that can appear in certain recycling processes. It is to our understanding that these are plastic materials are no longer used in water bottles and production of these questionable products have moved to the use of food safe PET plastics.

Microbiology that cleans the air

We are also excited about the ability of our product to clean the air. Consulting with soil biologists, we have learned that microbiology in soil effectively breaks down large toxic molecules that migrate into the system from the air. The microbiology In the soil actually converts the toxic VOCs into basic elements such has nitrogen that the plants use for energy. This is why our living walls are an excellent way to remove toxic VOCs from our interior environments. Adding living walls to our interior spaces not only cleans the air, but also makes people happy

Working toward a cleaner future

Our goal at Plants On Walls is to create honest products made from recycled materials that are safe for humans animals and the earth. We strive to help resolve the current plastic crisis, by participating in the movement to remove plastic materials from the environment and convert them into permanent products that host life, remove CO2 from the air, filter and clean water, and provide more places to grow food in our urban environments. Adding more plants to our world benefits local environments such as providing habitats for birds and bees and can also help insulate buildings from heat and cold. By providing more garden area we can incorporate all the incredible benefits of plants by bringing them into our cities to make our world a much better place to live.