Florafelt Pro System Wire Grid on Strut Install Guide

Measure and Mark the wall

Use blue tape so you can move the marks around to get it right where you want it.
Confirm with the client before commiting to the final location.

Layout the Grids

Do a loose layout of grids on the strut to determine the exact cut size.

Mark the Left End of the Strut

Leave 1/2″ extra on each end and mark.

Mark the Right End of the Strut

Leave 1/2″ extra on each end and mark.

Confirm Total Width

Layout the panels to make sure they fit properly.

Leave an additional 1/2″ at each side.

Note for this project 3 grids add 1-1/2″ to the total width of the strut.

Transfer marks to the back of the strut

Line up the struts so the ends align.
Use a square to transfer the mark to all the struts.

Cut the strut

Use a jig saw with a metal cutting blade and cutting oil.
Or use a grinder with an abrasive metal cutting blade.

File Cut Edges

Use a metal file to smooth any rough edges.
This is very important to prevent future injury.

Layout strut clamps

Organize strut clamps to match your final layout.
Use 1/4″ clamps at the edges and 1/2″ clamps between grids.


Use small wrenches to tighten the clamps.

Install strut clamps

Start with the bottom row.
Only the bottom row will have 2 struts per grid, one at top, and one at bottom.
Set the grids on the struts.
Align so there is a 1/2″ overlap at each end.

Attach the edge strut clamps first

Use a 1/4″ strut clamp at the edges
Disassemble strut clamp into parts.
Make note how the clamp bends.

Align strut clamps on the wire grid with bends inward.

Add bolt and nut and tighten by hand.
Carefully adjust it so the grid is 1/2″ away from the edge.
Align edge top edge wire with the side edge of the strut.
Tighten nut firmly.
Do not over-tighten or bolt may break.

Add a 1/4″ Strut Clamp to the opposite end in the same manner.

Attach strut clamps between the grids

Disassemble strut clamp parts.
Note how the clamps bend inwards.
Note the longer spacer bolt to be used in the clamp between the wires.
The smaller bolt will be used to bolt the clamp in place.

Add the 1/2″ Strut Clamps between grids.

Insert smaller bolt and nut into the strut clamp.
Hand-tighten to hold in place.

Insert spacer bolt into the strut clamp.
This will hold the wire grids firmly in place.
Place the spacer bolt so it will be on the top side when installed.
This will prevent the bolt from falling out if adjustments are made.

Position the wire grid top wire to align with the top edge of the strut.

Then tighten firmly in place.
Do not over tighten.

Complete all Strut clamps for each side.

Attach strut clamps to sections above

Layout and attach clamps to the remaining upper levels.
Important! Only add to the top edge of remaining upper rows.

Layout in an organized manner to stay organized.
Make sure all grids align perfectly going up.

Mount bottom row to the wall

A 3-piece bottom section can easily be carried to the wall.

If working alone set two deck screws on each side.
Set the grid on the screws.
Use a deck screw and fender washer to hold it in place.

Use a level to make perfectly level.
Adjust set screws to make perfect.
Confirm side alignment and adjust.
Confirm all other dimensions before proceeding ahead.

Attach struts to the wall

For this install we used wood walls use Teks #12 x 1-1/2″

Use fender washers to attach with the slot.
Use 3 fender washers behind the strut to create a spacer.

The spacer will prevent water from collecting behind the strut.

Add the next grid row

Place on top of the row above.
The single strut mounted grids are added on top.

Use zip ties to hold the grid in place.
Add zip ties at the edges to hold it to the wall.
Add zip ties to the sides of each grid unit.
Add extra zip ties to align the grids perfectly.
If necessary loosen and adjust strut clamps.

Clip off zip tie ends using wire cutters or landscape shears.
Add bolts and washers to permanently attach.
Permanently attach each row before moving up.
Confirm edges are vertical and all measurements are true.

Add remaining upper rows

Confirm edges are perpendicular.
Top edge is level.
All clamps are tight.
All zip ties are in place and trimmed.
Also confirm all side and top dimensions are correct.
Confirm final location with client.

Add sealant above connections

Water in constant contact with wood can cause rot
Use silicone sealant above the spacers to also keep connection dry

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