Florafelt Pro System Grow Strip Install Guide

Grow Strip Horticulture Material

Florafelt Grow Strip comes in 25 yard rolls.

Use Milwaukee Jobsite Scissors or similar to cut the Florafelt material.
The material is nearly impossible to cut with regular scissors or a utility knife.

Unwind the Roll

To begin weaving in the felt first unroll the felt into a pile to prevent twisting during install.

Weave Into the Grid

Start at the top with the felt extending down one and one half grid sections.

It is important that all the felt is woven at exactly the same depth. Create a 5-inch depth gauge using a piece of plastic or cardboard. Insert the depth gauge into the pocket to make sure that each pocket is 5 in in depth.

To create the next pleat down extend the felt three grid rows down and grab it at the wire.

Then lift the strip up to grid levels to the location of the desired pocket.

Then push the loose area of felt down into the pocket. This will provide an approximate depth of pocket.

Then insert the 5-inch depth guide to determine the actual depth and make adjustments as necessary. Stretch the felt slightly to confirm the correct depth measurement.

Repeat this procedure all the way down the grid column.
Pleated folds should drop down into the pocket about 3/4 of a grid segment.

Finish the Bottom Edge

When you’ve reached the bottom create one last pocket that hangs below the grid. Then hold the bottom pocket in place while you measure up four grid units. Then cut the felt at this point with the titanium scissors.

To finish the bottom, fold the felt around the bottom pocket then follow the felt strip around to the front edge of the grid bar of the pocket above. Loop the felt over the bar so it locks into place. Check the depth of the bottom two pockets and make adjustments as necessary.

Check For Even and Consistent Pockets

When completed check each row to Make sure the bottom edges are aligned and have the same depth throughout.