Florafelt Pro System Architectural Specifications




Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division. Specification Sections, apply to this Section.


This Section includes the following:

  1. Wall waterproofing
  2. Support structure and fasteners
  3. Synthetic growing medium (felt)
  4. PET felt pockets
  5. Plant liner containers
  6. Drip irrigation tubing system and watering timer
  7. Review required by governing authorities
  8. Complete plant installation and Maintenance
  9. Maintenance of plant materials

Related Sections: The following Sections contain requirements that relate to this Section: 1. Division 2 Section 02900 “Landscaping” and Section 02750, “Storm Drains” Provide complete planting installation and maintenance


  1. General: Submit each item in this Article according to the Conditions of the Contract and Division 1 Specification Sections.
  2. Product certificates signed by manufacturers certifying that their products comply with specified requirements.
  3. Label data substantiating that plants and planting materials comply with specified requirements.
  4. Qualification data for firms and persons specified in the “Quality Assurance” Article to demonstrate their capabilities and experience. Include lists of completed projects with project names and addresses, names and address of architects and owners, and other information specified.
  5. Planting schedule indicating anticipated dates and locations for each type of planting.
  6. Maintenance instructions recommending procedures to be established by the County for maintenance of landscaping during an entire year.


  1. Installer Qualifications: Engage an experienced Installer who has completed vertical garden work similar in material, design, and extent to that indicated for this Project and with a record of successful landscape establishment.
  2. Installer’s Field Supervision: Require Installer to maintain an experienced full-time person on the Project site during times that planting is in progress. This person shall be thoroughly familiar with the type of materials being installed, the best method of their installation and shall direct all planting operations.
  3. Provide quality, size, genus, species, and variety of plants indicated, complying with applicable requirements of State of California Grading Code of Nursery Stock, No.1 grade. Submit written documentation to the Architect within 10 days of Contract award that the plant material listed on the Drawings is available. Any substitutions required due to unavailability must be requested in writing prior to confirmation of ordering.
  4. All plants shall comply with State and Federal laws requiring inspection for plant diseases and infections, Inspection certificates shall accompany each shipment of plants. Contractor shall obtain clearance from the County Agricultural commissioner before planting plants delivered from outside the County in which they are planted.
  5. Observation: The Architect may observe plants either at place of growth or at site before planting for compliance with requirements for genus, species, variety, size and quality. Architect retains the right to observe plants further for size and condition of root systems, insects, injuries, and latent defects and to reject unsatisfactory or defective material at any time during progress of work. Remove rejected plants immediately from the Project site.
  6. Pre-installation Conference: Conduct conference at Project site to comply with requirements of Division 1, Section 01310, “Project Management and Coordination”


  1. Packaged Materials: Deliver packaged materials in containers showing weight, analysis, and name of manufacturer. Protect materials from deterioration during delivery and while stored at site.
  2. Water root systems with a fine-mist spray. Water as often as necessary to maintain root systems in a moist condition.


  1. Utilities: Determine location of above grade and underground utilities and perform work in a manner which will avoid damage.


  1. General Warranty: The special warranty specified in this Article shall not deprive the County of other rights the County may have under other provisions of the Contract Documents and shall be in addition to, and run concurrent with, other warranties made by the Contractor under requirements of the Contract Documents.
  2. Special Warranty: Warrant the living plant material for a period of one year after date of Substantial Completion, against defects including death and unsatisfactory growth, except for defects resulting from abuse by County, abnormal weather conditions unusual for warranty period, or incidents that are beyond Contractor’s control.
  3. Remove and replace dead planting materials immediately.
  4. Replace planting materials that are more than 25 percent dead or in an unhealthy condition at the end of the warranty period.
  5. A limit of one replacement of each plant material will be required, except for losses or replacements due to failure to comply with requirements.


  1. Maintenance Period: one year following Substantial Completion.



  1. Product: subject to compliance with the requirements, fabricate and install the “Green Wall” or “Living Wall”  Florafelt Living Wall System as manufactured by Plants On Walls, 6659 Peachtree Ind. Blvd., Suite B, Norcross, GA 30092.


  1. Label at least two plants of each variety and caliper with a securely attached, waterproof tag bearing legible designation of botanical and common name.
  2. Plants shall be the variety, quantity and size indicated. When total quantities are tabulated, they shall be considered approximate, and furnished for convenience only. Each plant will be root wrapped and inserted into the support structure grid. Pre-moisten the root-wrapper to prevent root shock. Remove enough soil to make a long flat pouch that easily slides into the pockets.
  3. All plants rendered unsuitable for planting shall be immediately disposed of off site.
  4. Provide only plants that are acclimated to outdoor conditions before delivery.


  1. Stainless steel 304 welded wire architectural framing system 3/8” of 6”x6” frames as manufactured by Plants On Walls.
  2. Stainless steel wall fasters, clip hardware for wall connections


  1. Florafelt Grow Strip, made from recycled PET plastic bottles, a non-reactive fiber, pH neutral in black color.


  1. Waterproofing membrane
  2. Coroplast 4 mil waterproof insert


  1. Gutter System to collect water
  2. Connect to sewer system
  3. Recirculating system with tank, pump and timer can be used as an option


  1. Valves, equipment and tubing for automatic watering system
  2. Digital Timer, hose splitter, water filter, pressure regulator


  1. Commercial Fertilizer with each watering, gentle organic-seaweed based fertilizer, Maxsea 16:16:16
  2. Food Injector



  1. Pre- Construction meeting: Contractor shall contact the Architect prior to the start of construction to schedule a pre- construction meeting for discussing scheduling of Work, submittals, layout of project and general conditions.


  1. Lay out individual panels in areas shown and secure Architect’s acceptance before the start of work. Make minor adjustments as may be required.
  2. Protect structures, utilities, sidewalks, pavements and other facilities, from damage caused by planting operations.
  3. Contractor shall coordinate and confirm the location of new project utilities with General Contractor prior to start of Work.
  4. Review of plant materials and plant location: The Contractor shall notify the Architect five days in advance of plant deliveries. All materials shall be healthy, vigorous and undamaged. The Architect reserves the right to reject any plant materials that do not meet the standards described. The architect shall approve all plant locations prior to installation and reserves the right to make minor adjustments to plant locations without cost to the County.


  1. From time of planting until final acceptance of landscape installation, plants shall be watered and fertilized.
  2. Contractor shall receive approval of installed planting. Contractor shall request review of the installed planting by notifying the Architect a minimum of seven (7) days prior to review request. Prior the review the following conditions should be met:
    1. All construction work shall be completed
    2. All plants shall be installed
    3. The entire area shall be in neat and clean order.


  1. The Maintenance period of one year (2 weeks) for all plants begins following the notice of substantial completion once the plant installation is complete, the pre- maintenance review completed, and construction work accepted by the County.
  2. Use of pesticides is discouraged, however, when necessary, pesticides shall be used in strict compliance with the local ordinances.
  3. Clean up and inspect plants; prune and clip dead plants, remove dead leaves, clean up surrounding areas around the wall and bench. Check and repair irrigation. Replace plants as needed. Keep all walks and paved area clean, clear of debris from landscape work.
  4. Repair all damaged planting areas, replace plants immediately after discovery of damage or loss.
  5. Adjust and clean irrigation heads immediately, adjust timing of application controller to prevent flooding.
  6. Check the irrigation system at each watering.
  7. Maintain moisture to insure growth.
  8. Weeding, Cultivating, Cleanup: at no more than one week intervals. All areas shall be free of weed at the end of the maintenance period.
  9. County reserves the right to extend the maintenance agreement on an annual basis.
  10. Insurance: Contractor is to carry the required liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


  1. At the conclusion of the maintenance period and at the date when all corrective work is completed final review for acceptance shall be made. Written notice requesting final inspection shall be submitted at least 7 days before the anticipated date. If all corrective work is not completed, then the maintenance period shall continue at no additional cost to the County until all work is completed. Contractor shall have cleared the job site of all debris and presented it in a neat fashion.


  1. The Contractor shall guarantee all plants and planting to be in healthy and thriving condition until the end of the maintenance period, which is 52 weeks starting on the date of substantial completion when construction is accepted by the County.
  2. Contractor shall guarantee all plants for a period of twelve (12) months after the acceptance of the project (the end of the Maintenance period)
  3. Contractor shall replace all dead plants and plants not in a vigorous condition immediately as directed by the Architect. Replacement plants shall be the expense of the Contractor. All replacement of plants shall be done before the final acceptance.