Florafelt Pocket Panels – Mount on Stucco

The vertical garden is mounted to an existing stucco wall so special care is taken to waterproof the connections and provide an air gap to protect the wall from moisture.

First workers prepare the area and mark the treated lumber wall supports.

Next they locate the supports on the wall and use a concrete bit to drill into the stucco.

The holes are filled with silicone sealant and plastic spacers are added to also keep the board away from the wall.

Remaining supports are added and made level.

1/2″ treated plywood is then attached to the wall supports using coated deck screws.

1×6 edge trim boards are then cut and added to the top and side edges only.

A plastic pond liner is then tacked up with staples inside the frame.

For this install the panels were pre-planted in the studio by the designers who also provide a guide to make it easy for the installer to locate panels.

Panels are then added to the framed area and screwed into place with coated deck screws.

Irrigation tubing is then added and 2 drip emitters located at the edges of each pocket.

Within an afternoon the wall is complete and ready to enjoy.