Florafelt Pocket Panels – Hang on Hooks

Florafelt Pocket Panels can be hung from their mounting tabs.

Simply Hang From Tabs at the Top

Our Florafelt Pocket Panels come with hanging tabs located at the top corners. You can simply hang them on hooks or even deck screws, nails, or use zip ties.

Larger vertical gardens can be created by creating a grid of hooks spaced at 32 inches horizontally and 24 inches vertically. The panels can then be overlapped to create a continuous planting surface.

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters - Hang On Hooks
Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters – Hang On Hooks

Use the Mounting Tabs to Hang from Hooks

A grid of hooks on the wall is a simple way to mount Florafelt Pocket Panels to a wall.

Hooks are screwed into framing or a solid wall to create a regular grid. Planters are then shingled on the wall by hanging them by their nylon mounting tabs.

The air gap keeps the back dry, while the planters shingle down so that the water drips into the lower felt.

Simply water the top row only and the water will spread evenly down the wall. It’s an ideal method for outdoors – on fences and walls where water is not an issue.

For extra safety indoors, use rubber pond liner on the wall. Be sensible. Consult with a licensed architect for structural advice for a large installation and when you are concerned about moisture sensitive areas.

Stuff pockets with Wrapped plants to create your living design. Plants will grow out a foot or more, and eventually the felt pockets will simply disappear behind your living wall.

How To Mount Florafelt Pocket Panels Using their Hanging Tabs

1. Choose a rigid backing like masonry wall, brick, wood fence, or plywood facing.

2. Waterproofing is not necessary for exterior rated surfaces. However, for interior surfaces glue a rubber EDPM pond liner to the wall first.

3. Measure and mark a grid pattern spaced 32 inches across and 24 inches high for each Florafelt 12-Pocket planter. You can vary the width using the Florafelt 4-Pocket Panels, which are 12” wide. See Wall Marking Guides below.

4. Install sturdy hooks or Tap-con screws on the grid marks. If needed, use rubberized sealant where the hook penetrates the rubber membrane.

5. Use the nylon tabs on the top of the Florafelt Panels to mount the panels. Adjacent planters can share the hook or screw. Use a heavy duty black zip tie to secure the loop to the screw.

6. Install a drip line in the top row of pockets only. Water will slowly drip down and wick evenly throughout. Connect to an automatic watering timer that runs 15 – 30 minutes, twice daily. Adjust as needed.

7. Excess water will drip from the bottom, which can water a planter below or be directed, using a rain gutter, to a nearby drain or collection tank to recirculate.

8. (Optional) Build a frame to finish the edges. Leave pond liner long at the edges to make the edges watertight too. Bend up and trim at the frame’s front edge.

Florafelt Pockets Hang on Hooks bottom edge secured with zip ties.

Tie Down Bottom Edge

When stacking Florafelt Pocket Panels, add zip ties to the bottom edge to keep the panels from swinging out. This is very important in windy areas and will also keep your bottom flap tucked in properly.

  1. Locate the protruding staples on the back of the panel.
  2. Push a zip tie between the staple loop at the bottom most staple.
  3. Direct the end of the zip tie around the hanging tab of the panel below.
  4. Complete the zip tie loop and cinch tight.
  5. Make sure the bottom flap is tucked into and behind the top flap of the panel below.
Florafelt Pockets drip irrigation installation.
Florafelt Pockets drip irrigation installation.

Learn how to add drip irrigation

Florafelt Pocket Panels can be hand watered with in certain situations with succulents for example. However you’ll have the best experience when you add drip irrigation.

We can help with your project.