Florafelt Pocket Panels – Custom Sizing

Florafelt 12-Pocket Panel Modular Living Wall System.

Standard Size Panels and Pockets

Florafelt Pocket Panels come in standard sizes that can be tiled to exact specifications to closely fit any width. The panels can also be trimmed for custom sizes. Our standard pocket size is 10” wide x 6” high. Allow an additional 1” to each side for attachment staples.

Factory Cut Custom Sizes

We can also create Custom Size (pre-trimmed) Panels for your project. A cleaner and easier option for your design, we use our professional tools in the shop to create the exact size you need. We recommend to use the standard pocket size and trim dimensions shown below.

Gaps at the Edges Will Get Covered by Plants

Generally we recommend to design your living wall smaller than the opening to give some breathing room on the sides and bottom. Plants will fill in about 12-inches out, up and to the sides which will cover and hide any gaps.

Angled or Curved Edges

Create angled or curved edges to suit your design. Mark and trim the panels as described below. Note that some pockets may become unusable or very small. Plan your trim lines and pocket locations to maximize plant coverage. Loose felt at the edges can be reattached by creating holes in the felt and backing and using black zip ties to hold it together. Use a hot soldering iron to make holes in the felt and a phillips screwdriver to punch holes in the backing board. Black zip ties blend with the materials to create a discreet attachment.

Milwaukee 9.5 in. Iron Carbide Smooth Offset Jobsite Scissors.

Utility Jobsite Scissors

Florafelt Grow Fabric is very trough and is nearly impossible to cut with standard scissors or a utility knife. Our favorite high-quality industrial grade scissors are the Milwaukee 9.5 in. Iron Carbide Smooth Offset Jobsite Scissors.

Florafelt 12-Pocket Panel Living Wall System.

How to Trim Florafelt

If you’ve already received your panels and would like to modify them, it is possible to trim them to a custom size.

– Mark the panel using the guidelines below.
– Place panel felt side down.
– Use a straightedge and utility knife to cut plastic backing board.
– Carefully cut the Florafelt Fabric using utility scissors.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide F12 Trimmed Specs

Recommended Trim Size for the 12-Pocket Panel

The Florafelt 12-Pocket Panel can be trimmed from 32 inches to 22 inches for an exact size to suit your project.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide F4 Width Specs

Simply Use a Combination of Panels

The Florafelt 4-Pocket Panel is a convenient size for thin vertical gardens and can also be used if you need another 12-inches on an end. Gaps at the top, bottom and sides are typically filled in with plants.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide Tile and Trim to Custom Size

Trim and Tile Panels to Create Custom Sizes

Combinations of panels can be stacked to create a custom living wall of any size.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide Vertical Trimming Specs

Florafelt Panels Can Be Trimmed Vertically

Florafelt Pocket Panels can also be trimmed vertically every 6” to create more custom sizes.

With careful consideration it’s possible to create 2 usable panels after trimming vertically. Take special care when trimming to keep the staple at the top of the pocket connected. This is what’s holding in the top pocket edge in place.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide PDF

View and download our PDF guide.

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