Florafelt Pocket Panel Wood Framed Installation

Here is an example installation for a 8 feet wide x 6 feet 4 inch high Florafelt Pocket Panel wall with wood framed edges. For this install we are using a total of 9 – 12 Pocket Panels, stacked 3 units wide by 3 units tall. For other sizes you can adjust the dimensions to suit your custom installation.

1. Mark Wall

Determine the width by adding the widths of all the panels you plant to use. In this case there are 3 – 32-inch panels side by side which equals exactly 8 feet overall width. For the height add the heights of each panel. For this install there are 3 24-inch panels which equals 6 feet in height. To allow for the drain tray and a 2-inch gap at top and bottom, add 4 inches to this vertical dimension for a total of 6 feet and 4 inches for this project.

2. Air Gap Supports

An air gap will help keep the wall dry. Horizontal supports are also good to allow for attachment to studs within a wall where possible. Cut horizontal supports to the width of the project. Attach one at the top and bottom marks. Then space supports between at 24-inches on center. Locate studs in the wall and use long deck screws to make solid attachments to the wall structure.

3. Edge Frames

Edge frames create a nice finished look and also help to keep moisture on the sides within the system. Use 1×6 or 1×8 painted trim lumber to finish the sides. Attach with finish nails to the horizontal wood supports.

4. Plywood Mounting Surface

Add 1/2-inch plywood inside the edge frames to provide a solid mounting surface. Attach with nails or small deck screws.

5. Drain Tray

Use a standard PVC drain tray to collect moisture that drips from the bottom of the wall. Connect the drain tray to a drain or direct to a garden nearby.

6. EDPM Pond Liner

Add a waterproofing layer to direct moisture into the drain tray below. EDPM pond liner is self-sealing rubber. Line the back and sides to create a waterproof ‘box’. Attach using a few staples along sides and top. Pond liner must hang down into the tray at the bottom.

7. Mark Panel Layout

Measure and mark a grid for panel layout. Use a level. This will ensure a perfect fit. Leave a 2 inch gap at the top for irrigation access and allow room for the plants at top once installed.

8. Florafelt Pocket Panels

Install the pocket panels. Use 2-inch coated deck screws to mount the panels to the waterproofed plywood understructure. Use 4 screws per panel near the 4 corners of each panel. Hide the screws by adding them behind the 1st outer layer of felt.

Installation Tips for Success

Learn more details on how install Florafelt Pocket Panels here: Florafelt Pocket Panel Installation Guide