Florafelt Govee Moisture Sensor Setup Guide

The Florafelt Moisture Sensor is designed to work perfectly with the Florafelt Pocket and Pro Living Wall Systems. Our unit uses the Govee WIFI humidity sensor with an extension tube designed to fit over the unit. If your handy you can configure a similar setup on your own, or we provide the assembled unit ready-to-use. here

How To Install

To install the unit in your Florafelt System, insert the sensor into the side edge of a pocket to take a reading from the bottom fold where moisture collects. Do not insert into the soil. Place the sensor next to the wrapped plant so it makes contact with the bottom fold of the pocket.

Locate the Sensor in the middle of the unit and near the top 1/3 of the entire wall. This will provide a reading that will warn you if the wall begins to dry out due to accidental irrigation problems.

Observation of the readings from the sensor phone app will help you to adjust your irrigation settings to optimize you living walls overall health.

Install the Govee Phone App

The Govee WIFI Sensor is controlled completely by a phone app. Upload the app to your phone.

How to Activate the Govee Sensor

Remove the Battery Pull Tab.

Click on the plus icon.

Click on the Bluetooth Icon.
Click on Home Improvement.
Scroll to locate the Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer.

When your device appears, select it.

You will see ‘Connecting’ when the device connects.

Name your new device.
Select 1hr interval for maximum battery life.
Click Done.

Locate your WIFI network.
Enter your WIFI network password.
Save password if you plan on adding other devices.
Click Done.

Turn on Device Safety so others can’t accidently connect to your device.

Set a lower limit humidity alarm to warn of potential dryouts. Adjust to reduce excessive notifications as the humidity varies over time.

Turn on Alert Me to get notifications on your phone.

Observe humidity readings over weeks or months, and make adjustments to your irrigation as required.

How to change batteries

Slide sensor from extension tube.

Open back panel.

Uses 3 AAA batteries, included in the unit.