Florafelt Pockets living wall for the Bayan Palace Conservatory by Nawaf Al-Bash at TerraGarden Kuwait.

Bayan Botanical Garden Kuwait City

In Kuwait, Nawaf Al-Bash of Terra Garden created a spectacular swooping design for a living wall at the Botanical Garden at Bayan Palace. See how he used the Florafelt Pockets system to build a huge canvas for a picture-perfect living walls.

Florafelt Pro System living wall sculpture by Brandon Pruett of Living Green Design.

Living Grotto Installation by Living Green Design

Living Green Design created a living architectural sculpture for the Sunset Celebration 2014 garden tour exhibition. Landscape Designers Davis Dalbok and Brandon Pruett used an exotic array of plants to dazzle the eye. A sculptured steel frame was woven with Florafelt Grow Strips then irrigated at the top.

Florafelt Vertical Garden at Humble by Nature’s Solar Aquaponic Greenhouse in Wye Valley, UK.

Humble by Nature Aquaponics UK

Florafelt Pockets panels are being used to grow a variety of thriving vegetables at Humble By Nature’s Solar Aquaponic Greenhouse. Conceived in partnership with Aquaponics UK, this sustainable farming concept creates a closed-loop ecosystem where fish and plants live in a symbiotic harmony that also saves water.

Florafelt living wall by Chris Bribach located in Downtown San Francisco.

Office Building Facade in San Francisco

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District, this vibrant vertical design teems with shade-loving plants like blue star, mother and leather ferns. Only six months after moving into their own mini skyscraper made of Florafelt® Pockets, these plants gave the facade luxuriant depth and added warmth to the building’s stone facing. Designed by Chris Bribach, Inventor of Florafelt® Systems.

Beverly Hills Living Wall

The architect for this luxurious living wall used dramatic up-lighting to showcase a private vertical jungle. Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls® designed successive waves of light-loving plants to create a natural continuum that brings the exterior sun-drenched atrium inside.

Florafelt Living Wall by Davis Dalbok of Living Green Design for the 2012 San Francisco Decorators Showcase.

2013 Decorator Showcase San Francisco

Davis Dalbok of Living Green Design used Florafelt Pockets to create a stunning display for the annual showcase to raise money for local schools in San Francisco’s swanky Pacific Heights neighborhood. The wildly colorful design welcomes guests with a parade of succulents that then blends into showy ferns toward the shadier entrance.

Florafelt living wall of ferns for a courtyard bathing room by Living Green Design for a Los Altos home.

Courtyard Bathing Room, Los Altos Hills

Wispy steam-drenched ferns line a bathroom in this private residence in California’s Los Altos Hills. Davis Dalbok of Living Green Design mounted Florafelt Pocket Panels on the existing masonry walls to create a lavish atrium paradise that loves getting splashed.

Florafelt living wall by Plants On Walls for Slurp Cafe San Francisco.

Slurp Restaurant in San Francisco

Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls created a wall of philodendrons for Slurp, an Asian fusion restaurant on Castro Street in San Francisco. The towering jungle created an instantly distinctive environment for the newly opened restaurant, where customers dine with indoor comfort and outdoor style.

Florafelt Pocket Panels living wall by Plants On Walls for a San Francisco home.

Framed Fern Wall in San Francisco

Want a stunning way to show off your wall plants? Frame them. Chris Bribach of Plants On Walls built this vertical fern display for a private residence in San Francisco and then beautifully accentuated the design with strips of striking copper.

Florafelt living wall by Plants On Walls for a private loft residence in San Francisco.

Lofty Jungle in San Francisco

This San Francisco resident wanted to make her industrial loft come alive – and there’s no better way than adding plants. Plants On Walls installed Florafelt pocket panels and they added 492 tropical plants to create two exciting living walls in her live-work space. After two months of vigorous growth, they became truly spectacular pieces of living art.