Foliar Feeding and Pest Control for Living Walls

Florafelt Pockets foliar feeding by David of Living Green Design for a San Francisco downtown rooftop.

Nutrients are absorbed by the leaves

Foliar feeding is an easy and effective way to provide nutrients to your plants. Food is effectively absorbed through the leaves. The spray also creates a healthy glossy glow to your leaves.

Add pest control to the mix

At the same time you can deliver protection against pests by adding biocide to the mix.

Biocide Safety Precautions

Provide ventilation wear gloves breathing protection and when using biocides. Limit spraying to no more than once a month. Use precaution when spraying certain plants such as maidenhair fern. Test a small area before treating the entire area. See Biocide Safety & Use Instructions.

Outdoor Spraying

Use a hose end sprayer to deliver a concentrated mix of water soluble fertilizer and pest control in one application.

Adjust the mix

Use the dial on the sprayer to adjust the amount of fertilizer being injected into the water spray.

In the hose sprayer container:

  • Add 1/4 Cup of Maxsea Fertilizer.
  • Add about 2 TBSP of the biocide additive.

Indoor Spraying

Protect surfaces around the plant wall. Provide plastic sheeting at the bottom and also add plastic sheeting to the walls to protect from overspray.

Use a 1 gallon pressure sprayer and add:

  • Add 2 TBSP Maxsea Fertilizer
  • Add about 1 TBSP each of the insecticide additive.


Treat monthly or as required.

What you’ll need

Get the following parts on online.

Hose Sprayer (for outdoor) Amazon

1-Gallon Pressure Sprayer (for indoors) Amazon

Maxsea Fertilizer Plants On Walls

Bionide Horticultural Spray Amazon