Florafelt Pocket Panels Custom Sizing Guide

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters come in standard sizes that can be tiled to exact specifications to closely fit any width. The panels can also be trimmed for custom sizes. Our standard pocket size is 10” wide x 6” high. Allow an additional 1” to each side for attachment staples.

How to Trim Florafelt

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters can be easily cut with a utility knife and sharp scissors.

– Place panel felt side down.

– Use a straightedge and utility knife to cut plastic backing board.

– Trim felt using sharp scissors.

Trimming the F12

The Florafelt 12-Pocket Planter can be trimmed from 32 inches to 22 inches for an exact size to suit your project.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide F12 Width Specs

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide F12 Trimmed Specs

Florafelt 4-Pocket Panel

The Florafelt 4-pocket panel is a convenient size for thin vertical gardens and can also be used if you need another 12 inches on an end.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide F4 Width Specs

Trim and Tile Panels to Create Custom Sizes

Use combinations of the panels to create custom sizes as in the example below.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide Tile and Trim to Custom Size

Florafelt Panels Can Be Trimmed Vertically

Panels can also be trimmed vertically every 6” to create more custom sizes. Take special care when trimming vertically to keep the upper staple connected. This is what’s holding in the top pocket edge.

Florafelt Custom Sizing Guide Vertical Trimming Specs