Florafelt Pocket Panels Architectural Specifications

Florafelt 12-Pocket-F12 Vertical Garden Planter
Florafelt 12-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter. Made in the USA from recycled materials. US Patent 8141294


Florafelt Pocket Panels (Vertical Garden Planters) are a lightweight and efficient water wicked synthetic felt pocket patented vertical growing system. Modular panels can be stacked to create any size living wall. Water moves downward and through the system to water each plant. Pockets are pleated to direct moisture inward to minimize dripping. Planters can be watered automatically by a standard drain-away (drip irrigation) or recirculating system. Plants are first root-wrapped then inserted into the felt pockets. The felt wrap makes changing and arranging easy and mess free. Root are not bound by the felt and grow in the medium that allows for long term plant wall growth and maturity.

SECTION 129300 Site Furnishings



Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters. Non-woven P.E.T. plastic fiber mounted to P.E.T plastic mounting boards.


DIVISION 06 – Wood, Plastics, and Composites. 061000 Rough Carpentry Wood framing, furring, nailers, and blocking. 054000 Cold-formed Metal Framing, Load-bearing and exterior non-load-bearing. 071353 Elastomeric Sheet Waterproofing Butyl and EPDM sheet; drainage panels; pedestal supported; concrete pavers.


ASTM E84-12 Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (UL 723, UBC 8-1, NFPA 255), October 26, 2012.


Submit under provisions of Section 01300. Product Data: Manufacturer’s data sheets on each product to be used, including dimensions, finishes, storage and handling requirements and recommendations, and installation recommendations. Shop Drawings: For custom items, provide drawings showing dimensions, layout, joints, details, and interface with adjacent work; include field measured dimensions of the spaces where items are to be installed, if critical to proper installation. Samples: For each custom finish specified, two samples, minimum size 6 inches (150 mm) square, representing actual product, color, and patterns.


Owner shall obtain prior, written confirmation from a professional engineer certifying that the structure is capable of bearing the additional load of Florafelt System. Florafelt System weighs 50 kg / sqm (10 lbs / sqft). The owner understands that the Certified Dealer is absolved of any and all liability in the event of collapse.


Manufacturer: Obtain Florafelt Planter(s) as manufactured by a firm specializing in the manufacture of Florafelt Planter(s), with a minimum of ten years experience. Provide a list of projects comparable in size, scope, and complexity as indicated. Qualifications: Installer is engaged and experienced in the installation of vertical garden and green wall systems.


Transport, lift, and handle units with care, avoiding excessive stress and preventing damage; use appropriate equipment. Store products in manufacturer’s unopened packaging until ready for installation, in a clean dry area protected from weather, moisture and damage; store units upright and not stacked unless permitted by manufacturer. Product shall be stored clear of the ground on non-staining pallets or other temporary planking. Protect product from staining, and other damage.



Do not begin installation until substrates have been properly constructed; verify that substrates are plumb and true.If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding. Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. Check field dimensions before beginning installation. If dimensions vary too much from design dimensions for proper installation, notify Architect and wait for instructions before beginning installation.


Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions. Waterproof all surfaces.


Install in accordance with applicable code and manufacturer’s recommendations. Custom sizing: Panels can be trimmed to size with utility knife and industrial scissors. Mounting Method Options: Deck screws with optional washers, Roofing Nailer, Hang by Nylon Tabs.


Protect installed products until completion of project. Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.



Acceptable Manufacturer: Plants On Walls / Florafelt, 6659 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Suite B, Norcross, GA 30092. USA. ASD. Tel: +1 (770) 406-6330. Fax: +1 (678) 669-2942. Email: [email protected] Maker: www.plantsonwalls.com, Product Info: http://www.florafelt.com. Substitutions: Not permitted. Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01600.


100% Recycled PET plastic non-woven fiber felt, PET extruded plastic backing, Galvanized metal fasteners, nylon hanging tabs. Recycled materials content.

3.2.1. High tensile strength and resiliency

3.2.2.  Superior thermal insulation and acoustical properties (0.66 noise reduction coef.)

3.2.3.  Will not break down or bottom out

3.2.4.  Hypoallergenic

3.2.5.  Mildew and odor-resistant – contains no irritants or carcinogens

3.2.6.  Lightweight and formable

3.2.7.  Passes FMVSS 302

3.2.8.  Color: Black. Surface Texture: Soft non-woven synthetic felt pockets.

3.3.1.  Thickness at edges: 1-1/2″ – 1-3/4″. Thickness with expanded pockets: 4″ – 6″.

3.3.2.  Typical panel sizes: Florafelt 12-pocket (F12), 32″ W x 24″ H (810 mm W x 150 mm H) and Florafelt 4-pocket (F4), 12″ W x 24″ H (310 mm W x 150 mm H).

3.3.3.  Plastic Backing Board: Description: specially treated rot resisting Specified product: Backing board made of sturdy plastic sheeting from polyethylene (HDPE) by Coroplast.

3.3.4.  Concealed Anchors: Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel unless otherwise indicated.

3.3.5.  Variation from Dimensions Indicated on Drawings: Plus and minus 1/8 inch (3 mm), maximum. Variation from Plane Along Edge or Surface: Plus and minus 1/16 inch per linear foot (1.5 mm in 300 mm), maximum.


Flame Spread Index 130, Smoke Developed Index 450; when tested in accordance with ASTM E84-12.


No significant loss in strength or change in appearance after 200 hours accelerated weathering conducted in accordance with ASTM G 23.



Florafelt Planters ship with a small irrigation tubing that can be used for single panels installations. It is not recommended this is used for large installations. For most installations a single line of 1/2 gal/hr drip emitters located at the top row of

pockets is adequate. However each installation may differ which may include the applications of zones or additional rows of drip emitters.


Irrigation systems and controls are not provided by Florafelt and should be customized for each installation. Examples of systems include an irrigation system controlled by a electromagnetic control valves, with a filter, pressure compensator, flow sensor, batteries, wires, fertilizer injection assembly and all other necessary accessories.


Water source is to be provided on site and made ready prior to planting. And any associated fittings or water supply lines from supplied stub-out.


Drainage at the base of the panels to be provided and made ready prior to planting. Drains can be directed to approved sewer connections.


Water conservation can be achieved by reuse of excess water for other planting areas or collected and recycled into the vertical garden.



Natural light outdoors is the ideal source for growing plants. Daylight produces 10,000 foot candles of light. This is perfect for herbs, vegetables, grasses, succulents and many other plants that thrive in full sun or even part shade. For indoors we select low light tropical plants that are native to the forest floor beneath the tree canopy receiving 250 foot candles and temperatures around 70 degrees. These conditions are typical to our interior spaces. What we consider ‘house plants’ are suitable to our optimal living conditions as well. Low light tropical plants typically like bright indirect light however too much light or direct sun will burn their foliage. In places where there is not quite enough light supplemental lighting will be required.


Direct Sun: Natural light outdoors is the ideal source for growing plants. Daylight produces 10,000 foot candles of light. This is perfect for herbs, vegetables, grasses, succulents and many other plants that thrive in full sun or even part shade.


Natural Lighting: Low light tropical plants typically like bright indirect light however too much light or direct sun will burn their foliage. In places where there is not quite enough light supplemental lighting will be required. It may be that a beam of light passes over the vertical garden for a couple of hours each day. Consider adding a skylight to the building for long term energy savings.


5.4.1.  High intensity LED: New full-spectrum LED lights specified for growing plants provide the necessary ‘blue’ ‘red’ and UV components plants require while also offering mid range spectrums that also look like natural sunlight.

5.4.2.  Metal Halide: Light from a metal halide bulb mimics sunlight more accurately than any other source. They are slightly less efficient than LED and less attractive. Metal Halide requires a large ballast located near the bulb.

5.4.3.  Halogen: Halogen creates a very broad spectrum of light and delivers the most attractive full balanced color making plants look their best. Also they create some warmth that is beneficial for most low light tropical plants. The downside of halogen lighting that they are not as efficient at producing light as other sources.



Before you plant, first stretch open all the pockets using a small pipe or tool handle to get leverage. Pull firmly but not excessively. Felt will give and stretch to about 2 1⁄2 inches out.


Very important for even watering. Necessary when stacking panels vertically. Tuck the bottom flap of the upper panel behind the top flap of the one below.


Wraps are made from the same material as the pockets only thinner. Wraps wick water to the soiL. Root will grow into and through the loosely woven felt. Wraps are very important because they hold the soil together and prevent air gaps. Wraps keep the soil contained and make for a tidy installation. They can be reused or you can order new ones at plantsonwalls.com


Plants can be removed and changed. Mature plants attach themselves to the felt by their roots but can still be removed if required. Small hair like roots can be broken and moved if necessary. Often root disturbance will not harm the plant if moved


See Videos on our website to learn how. Use only one Florafelt® Wrap per pocket. The Wrap is folded similar to a ”diaper”. Use a rubber band to hold it together. Pre-moisten the root-wrapper to prevent ‘root shock’. Use One or two of the 4 inch potted plants that will fit nicely into each root wrapper. Use One 6′′ potted plant with some soil removed for a fully grown in look. Add or remove enough soil to make a sort of flat “burrito” pouch that easily slides into the pocket. Wraps can be removed and unwrapped to remove plants and reused to add plants. Wraps are made from recycled PET water bottles and will last a lifetime


Highly recommended to first install and test the irrigation system. To check for even flow touch inside the back of the pockets. Moisture will collect at the bottom fold of each pocket. The front of the pocket will remain dry allowing the roots and soil to breath. Be sure to seat the root wrapped plant firmly to touch the bottom of the pocket. Water will wick up and into each plant. In time roots will grow through the root wrapper and into the moist felt pocket


The Florafelt® Pocket Panels require regular and constant watering. Water moves through the system and drips from the bottom. Moisture collects at the bottom fold in each pocket. Roots grow into the moist felt. Wrapped plants must touch the bottom fold to wick moisture



After 6 months the soil will begin to lose its nutrients. Depending on plant choices the natural decay within the wall can reach a balance. But in most cases the plants will prefer to be fed. Organic based fertilizers to keep microbiology within the soil and felt active and alive. We recommend Maxsea seaweed based fertilizer or similar. Wait until leaves become slightly pale before feeding. Too much fertilizer will make plants grow too quickly and produce sugars that will attract pests. Avoid chemical fertilizers that cause salt buildup and harm plants


Spray diluted fertilizer topically with a pressure sprayer. Feed in the Spring or as needed. Add organic time release plant food spikes under the drip emitters at the top pockets. Add time release pellets or spikes in plant pockets where needed


Add a dosing pump to your irrigation system. The pump will add a very diluted concentration to your drip system. Dosatron inline plant food injectors use water pressure to operate the pump. Very simple, no additional electrical connection is required. Recommend: Dosatron Fertilizer Injector D25F1



It is highly recommended to set up an ongoing maintenance contract with the client at the start of the project. Vertical gardens contain a lot of plant materials and may require weekly attention to ensure all systems are operating properly. Plants naturally produce dead leaves in their life cycle which will require removal to keep the wall looking perfect. Seasonal changes will require adjustment to irrigation systems as well as constant observation to ensure the system is operational. Early detection of issues can prevent difficulties and keep the client pleased with the installation.