Florafelt Pockets Living Walls for MGM Cotai Macau by Birkdale International.

Grow a Garden Anywhere with
Florafelt Living Wall Systems

Our patented Florafelt living wall systems will help you create a vibrant vertical garden or impressive green wall feature. Learn how easy it is to install large-scale professional living walls to easy DIY home gardens, practically anywhere.

Photo: Florafelt Pocket Panel Living Walls for MGM Cotai Macau by Birkdale International.

Florafelt Pocket Panels

Our lightweight Florafelt Pocket Panel System uses soft felted pockets and wraps, a simple solution for living walls. Florafelt Pocket Panels have a rigid back covered in breathable felt. Unlike other products our unique patented system of folded felt pockets and wraps allows plants to grow in harmony with the system.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install.


Florafelt Recirc Line

Create beautiful living walls with Florafelt Recirc Systems. Made from high quality stainless steel, each unit is self contained with it’s own tank, pump, irrigation tubing, and timer. Root Wraps are included. Just plant and enjoy!


  • Complete System
  • Portable
  • Self-contained,


Florafelt Pro System

The Florafelt Pro System is a high quality, patented architectural green wall solution that uses Florafelt Grow Strips woven into a stainless steel 304 wire grid. It’s the most robust vertical gardening system around, and can handle extreme conditions.


  • Rugged
  • Architectural Grade
  • Large Buildings


Compact Living Wall Kit

Our Florafelt Compact Living Wall Kit is designed for quick and easy DIY vertical gardening. Simply install and fill with your favorite plants. Group together for larger walls. A great project for families!


Florafelt Grow Fabric

Get creative with our amazing Florafelt Grow Felt horticulture fabric. It’s made entirely from recycled, non-toxic plastics so it will last a lifetime.


Florafelt Irrigation

Our ready made solutions for living walls make it easy.


Florafelt Lighting

Recent advancements in technology now offer low cost and highly efficient ways to provide light for living walls.


Florafelt Aquaponics

The system is based on aquaponic growing methods that use live fish that create waste to be used as fertilizer for the plants. This ‘closed loop’ system is water efficient and can provide food sources from both the fish and plants.

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What Makes Florafelt so Amazing?

A view into a forested jungle is made with Florafelt Pocket Panels by Truvine Design for Chrome Hearts in Miami Design District.

Florafelt Becomes
Part of a Living

When you plant a living wall you are creating a living ecosystem. Plants grow together and morph into a complex forest. Unlike container gardening, Florafelt allows plants to forever expand into a living ecological biome because roots and microbiology become one with the system.

Soft Florafelt Pockets are stretched open to receive new plant materials.

Soft Pleated Pockets
Stretch Open for
Plants and Soil

Florafelt Pockets stretch open to receive new plants in their native soil and are made with loosely woven materials folded by design to support plants, slow water flow, and invite oxygen to the roots. Roots and soil move into the open fibrous materials to become a living matrix for life.

New plants are wrapped and added to Florafelt Pockets by Siteworks Landscape for this custom built living wall in Berkeley, California.

Felt Wraps Make
Your Living Wall

Our Florafelt pockets come with our custom Root-Wraps made from the same loosely woven proprietary materials. This lets you change and arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil that only gets better as it grows.

Roots easily grow through the loosely woven Florafelt Root Wrap materials.

Open Fibers Let
Roots Grow Into
the Moist Felt

Simply irrigated by a single drip line at the top of your wall, each pocket receives moisture from above. Unbound, plants’ roots grow through and into the system to reach full maturity.

Pre-wrapped plants are inserted in Florafelt Pockets according to a design grid for this Florafelt Pockets installation in San Francisco.

It’s Made From a
Tough Recycled
PET Fiber That’s
Made to Last

Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, Florafelt horticulture fabric is incredibly tough and will not decay.

Architect Marika Shiori-Clark talks about her experience using the Florafelt System for a rainwater reclamation project in Cleveland, Ohio.

Architects and
Designers Worldwide
Choose Florafelt

Easy and Affordable. Free-form design. Honest about the way plants really grow. It’s more like a natural cliff than a planter, the way living walls grow in nature. Forgivable. Instinctive. Handles like a real garden.

Florafelt Living Wall System: How It Works

A Truly Unique System of
Pleated Pockets and Wraps

Since 2009 Florafelt’s Patented Pleated Pocket Systems have been used by professional landscapers and home gardeners worldwide. Our patented vertical wall planting method (US Patent 8141294) can be created in either a panel or draped configuration, and both provide a wide range of vertical planting solutions.

Folded, pleated felt makes efficient use of materials and is far superior to flat pockets or slit and stapled vertical garden systems. With Florafelt pleat-folded pockets, irrigation from a single drip line at the top, wicks water down and moistens the base of every fold, exactly where roots like to grow.

The root wraps keep things neat and make your garden easy to replant and rearrange, and we only use 100% recycled, PET plastic.

Planted Design uses the Florafelt Pro system to create a massively inspired living wall for a private home by Tony Adams Pools in Pleasanton, California.

Let Your
Creativity Soar

Planted Design’s short film about an epic living wall they created with the Florafelt Pro System has won four Emmy Awards! Watch this beautiful video that captures their passion for living plant walls.

A curved Fern Wall maintained by the volunteer staff at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers using the Florafelt Pro System.

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A Student project spells the word ‘HOPE’ for the Seattle Capstone Project assisted by Floraform Design using Florafelt Pockets.

Learn How To Install and Care For Your Very Own Living Wall

We are proud to have an ‘open-source’ product and encourage anyone to be a part of their own living wall creation. We offer a plethora of free guides to make your vertical gardening experience the best it can be.

Chris Bribach, Plants On Walls. CBRE Office Towers, San Francisco. Florafelt System.

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