A new concept in hydroponic growing

Grow a tower of plants in Florafelt. This living wall system is designed to be simple and low cost to provide an efficient way to grow plants in a working garden. The system is made with a simple support frame that supports Florafelt Grow Strip using the patented Florafelt pleated growing method. This water wicking system is irrigated at the top. Water flows down to each plant. The folded felt keeps moisture in the system and the front dry. The system is open to interpretation so you can use soil-wrapped plants in Root Wraps or Grow Buns to explore pure hydroponics. Our felt materials are made from 100% non-toxic recycled PET water bottle plastics. This non-reactive food safe plastic is used throughout the organic food industry and is completely safe, especially when used as a container for growing plants.

Florafelt Hydro Garden Living Wall System.

Growing Beans Started with Seeds

A Florafelt Hydro Garden Tower was planted with seeds into a felt matrix of Florafelt Grow Strip and Grow Buns. A simple low-cost 5 gallon bucket serves as the water tank. A pump and timer operate the irrigation system. Bean seeds were planted into the furrows of the grow bun and within weeks they sprouted. With this no soil system we determined it is best to operate the water pump continually. Roots grow into the Florafelt materials. Maxsea fertilizer was added to the tank. And in a couple of months the beans flowered and produced a harvest.

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