It’s such a cool system. It’s just simple and ingenious.

– Derick, California


We first tried Florafelt 4 years ago and tried others. Florafelt is definitely the best for the long haul.

– Tina, Urban Farm Girls, San Francisco


I researched lots of plant wall systems.  Florafelt is the best.  The plastic box types looked more complicated and not ecological.  Florafelt makes sense.  

– Ami, Vancouver, BC


I have done a lot of research both online and in person, looking at plant walls in airports, etc.  I like Plants On Walls concept the best, user friendly with the felt pockets, much better than the plastic boxes. Looking forward to installing my first wall.

– Brandon, J & J Cubit Construction


Florafelt is a wonderful system, better than the rest. It created an acoustical sound barrier for our loud concrete patio.

– Susan, Seattle


I love how open and friendly your company is. You were the only ones who were willing to take the time to educate me on your products and their uses.

-Jonathan, Toronto


I ordered 4 of the 12-pocket vertical planters a few weeks back.  I’ve got them installed and (mostly) planted out and they’re working beautifully!  Definitely exceeded expectations.

-Jared, Utah