Florafelt Draped Living Wall

Angelica Cook builds a succulent masterpiece Florafelt living wall for M on High Street restaurant in Moorpark, California.

Create a High Density Planting

Florafelt Wrapped Plants can be packed into plantable rows to create an extremely high density planting. Build horizontal rods then fold in Florafelt Grow Fabric then add a single irrigation drip line at the very top. Wrap your 4-inch potted materials in Florafelt Wraps and begin to fill the rows with your own unique design. Roots will grow into the Florafelt recycled plastic materials to create a living ecosystem that just gets better as it ages.

Drape Florafelt Grow Fabric over Horizontal Mounted Rods to Create Plantable Pleated Rows

Florafelt Grow Fabric can be installed using horizontal rods to create plantable pleated folds. Plant roots are wrapped in Florafelt Wraps and placed next to each other to create a high density planted living wall, vertical garden, or green wall feature. 

Hang Florafelt Grow Fabric from Stainless Rods

1/4” Stainless Steel Rods are mounted to a wood structure using 1/4” Stainless Steel mounting clips.

Rods are spaced 4 to 6 inches vertically then Florafelt Grow Fabric is laid onto the supports to create a pleated arrangement that creates plantable rows. A 1/4” inline drip irrigation tubing is added at the very top.

Only a single drip irrigation line is needed at the top because water wicks downward in the Florafelt Grow Fabric material.

Florafelt Grow Fabric Draped Rod Living Wall, US Patent 8141294.

Create a Flush Mounted Living Wall

The Florafelt Grow Fabric Draped Method can be installed flush to a finish surface when built into a fence structure.

Add waterproofing to the interior of the recessed buildout to protect the wooden materials. A drain tray is added at the base and a drain tube at the base directs water to a sewer or nearby garden.

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Angelica Cook builds a succulent masterpiece Florafelt Pockets living wall for ‘M on High Street’ restaurant in Moorpark, California.

Use Root Wraps to Contain Soil and Allow Easy Plant Replacement

Florafelt Root Wraps are an essential part of the living wall system. This keeps your installation tidy and allows for easy changeouts. Plants can be wrapped and prepared prior to planting so you can arrive on site and begin building.

Florafelt Grow Fabric Draped Living Wall. US Patent 8141294.

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