Florafelt Compact Living Wall Kit Instructions

Placement Considerations


  • Adequate lighting is important to grow plants
  • Consider adding halogen or High Power LED spot lights
  • Place the plant wall across from a windowed wall
  • Choose plants appropriate for the existing conditions
  • Learn about plant lighting requirements online

Waterproof the area

  • For the most part the system will not drip however, leakage is possible so be prepared
  • Choose location with a waterproof flooring
  • Provide a tray below the garden

Safety Notes

  • Children and Pets
  • Tank spillage
  • Electric shock
  • Some plants are poisonous
  • Drowning hazard

Parts List

  • Florafelt 8-pocket planter (folded)
  • Water tube, attached to panel
  • Pump connection fittings, at hose end
  • 3-gallon tank
  • Water pump, with 6’ cord
  • Timer, 110v grounded
    • Digital type
    • Instructions included in packaging
    • Interior use only
  • 2 Wall Mollies
    • Screw into drywall with Phillips screwdriver
  • 2 L Hooks
    • screw into drywall mollies
    • Or use directly when mounting to wood
  • 8 Florafelt Root Wrappers
  • 8 rubber bands

Wall Mounting


  • Measure from the floor up 62 inches
  • Measure 5 inches each side from the center
  • Mark hanger location, total 10 inches apart
  • Make as level as possible by eye, or with a level

Wall Mollies

  • For installation in drywall only
  • L-hooks can be installed directly in wood
  • Concrete will require another type of connector
  • Use provided Wall Mollies
    • Place pointed end on drywall mark
    • Use a hammer to partially start
    • Use a phillips head screwdriver to screw into wall
    • Push in with force, turn screwdriver to the right
    • Stop when flush with drywall
    • If drywall is weak or damaged molly will not hold
  • May require drywall repair
  • May require another type of wall molly


  • Screw L-hook into wall molly
  • If wood, drill 1/8” hole then screw in L-hook
  • Other types of hangers may be used

Hang Planter

  • Locate nylon hanging tabs at the top of the planter
  • Place the hoops over the L-hooks or other hanger
  • Make sure planter is hanging straight up and down
  • Relocate wall mounts if necessary

System Preparation

Stretch Open Pockets

  • The planter ships with the pockets flat
  • Reach in each pocket with your fist and stretch open
  • You may pull very hard to stretch open completely
  • Use the handle of a hammer for leverage to make stretching easier

Place Tank

  • Place tank below the planter
  • Position the planter inside the tank
  • Planter should hang inside the tank 1-2 inches
  • If planter is above the tank it will cause leakage
  • You may need to adjust planter height
  • Add a drip tray under tank in water sensitive areas

Connect Water Tube to Pump

  • Locate the tube and connector at the base of the planter
  • Note the tube inside the connector is open and free of blockage
  • Attach to the threaded connector on the pump
  • Turn to the right carefully in oder to not strip the threads
  • Place the pump into the tank
  • Push extra tubing into the tank being careful not to cause kinks

Set Timer

  • Read instructions provided with timer.
  • Use a grounded plug or extension cord for safety

Watering System

Plug In

  • Plug the timer into a grounded outlet or plug into grounded extension cord
  • Provided timer is intended for indoor use only

Fill Tank

  • Add fresh clean water to the tank
  • Fill to just below the bottom edge of the planter
  • Do not add water to the tank while the pump is on
  • Wait 30 minutes after watering cycle to add water
  • Wait for water to be finished dripping from the planter
  • Otherwise, water may overflow from tank

Check Flow

  • When the water tank is full
  • Turn on the manual timer switch
  • Observe water flow from the top of the planter
  • Peek behind the felt at the top edge
  • Locate the tube that is taped in place about halfway down the pocket
  • Notice that water is flowing from the tube
  • Feel inside each pocket to make sure the bottom crease feels moist
  • If water is not flowing from the tube
    • Make sure the timer is plugged in
    • Check that the the plug is working
    • Check the timer is turn to the manual on position
    • Check there are no obstructions in the tube
    • Feel the tubing behind the felt for kinks, pinch to unkink
    • Check the pump is working properly while disconnected
    • Still no luck?
    • Call us so we can help (770) 406-6330


Wrap Plants

  • The fun part!
  • A Florafelt Root Wrapper is provided for each pocket
  • You can combine multiple plants in each wrapper
  • See our online how to videos: http://florafelt.com/video-library
  • Use the box it shipped in as a tidy place to wrap
  • We strongly recommend using Root Wraps
    • Contains the soil to prevent air gaps
    • Much less messy
    • Makes changing plants easy
    • Roots grow through the felt preventing root binding
    • Plants breathe which is better for the soil and roots.

Using Root Wrappers

  • Start with a diamond shape
  • Fold the top corner down to create your top soil line
  • Place your plant facing forward and spread the root ball flat
  • Fold the bottom corner up
  • Fold the bottom edge up
  • Hold down the edges and fold in the tips
  • Use a rubber band to hold it together (optional)
  • See our How-to-Videos at plantsonwalls.com/videos

Root Wrap Tips

  • Hold the felted bundle together and secure with a rubber band.  Like putting a diaper on the root ball.
  • If you don’t get it right the first time, try again.
  • Pre-moisten the Root Wrapper for sensitive plants

Plant Your Garden

  • Simply insert the wrapped plant into the pocket
  • Be sure the over lapping layers of the wrap face to the front
  • Make sure the pocket is stretched open completely
  • Stuff it down nice and tight so it touches the bottom of the pocket
  • If it’s too large, unwrap and remove some soil
  • If it’s too loose, unwrap and add some soil
  • It’s easiest to start at the bottom and work up
  • The planter tends to be wetter at the bottom and dryer at the top, plant accordingly
  • Run the water when you first plant to help moisten new roots


  • Top off tank as needed
  • Do not fill when running or dripping
  • Keep plugged in
  • Observe plants and act quickly
  • Check water flow
  • Clean pump regularly
    • Unplug and detach tube connector
    • Remove from tank
    • Wipe pump clean
    • Remove pump cover by pulling from the sides
    • Remove impeller cover by twisting with pliers
    • Remove floating impeller, pull out with pliers
    • Clean all parts with fresh water and vinegar
    • Reassemble
    • Reconnect tube connector
    • Insert into tank
    • Plug in to timer
    • Remove debris from tank

Maintenance Tips

Don’t Overwater

  • In low light plants use very little water
  • Soaking plants will cause root rot and mold
  • Most interior plants should slightly wilt before needing water
  • Turn off timer / switch on manually as needed
  • Use a weekly timer

Hard Water Deposits

  • A white stain will appear on the felt
  • Spray with vinegar/water solution to dissolve


  • Add small amounts of fertilizer to the tank
  • We prefer organic fertilizers such as MAXSEA
    • Less salts build up
    • Keeps soil alive
  • Use very little fertilizer
  • Only add when plants look pale
  • Too much will cause excess sugars and attract insects

Share Your Garden

  • Email us photos: info@florafelt.com
  • Hashtag on Social Media: #florafelt

Tell us about your project. We can help.