Florafelt Compact Kit Wall Mount Installation

Make an easy and elegant living wall

  • Create an easy living wall using 3 of the Florafelt Compact Kits side by side.
  • Hang the units from a curtain bar.
  • Tanks are hidden from view within the shelf unit below.
  • Keep units separated to prevent moisture transferring from one planter to the other.
  • If you would like to place the units closer together, you must use a plastic membrane between the units to prevent water wicking from one unit to the other.

Removable cover box

  • Lid and front cover can be easily lifted off for servicing.
  • Tanks are supported on a simple shelf.
  • A 8 inch deep by 36 inch wide Shelf is supported by 6 inch metal brackets.
  • Use a bracket every foot and use heavy duty wall mollies to ensure adequate support.
  • Allow room on the sides for wall mounted timer controls.
  • Use velcro or clips to keep the cover held in place.