Florafelt Recirc 33-Pocket Units planted with Sansevieria with LED lighting.
Florafelt Recirc 33-Pocket Units planted with Sansevieria with LED lighting.

A simple track light system can be mounted directly to the ceiling above the living wall. It should be placed 3 feet away from the wall and light pointed downward to create an even distribution of light on the plants.

Source Parts Online

Low cost track light parts can be sourced online. All wiring is simple cord and plug connections.

40W PAR30 LED Light Bulb – LED Spotlight/Flood Light – 4000 Lumens – Natural White 36 Degree – 6 Pack – Part Number: PAR30-NW40W-36-6PK

Select: Par 30 – 40 watt – 36 degree – 4000 kelvin

Hampton Bay 1-Light White R30/PAR30 Large-Step Linear Track Lighting Head


Hampton Bay 8 ft. White 2400-Watt Linear Track Section


Hampton Bay 4 ft. White 2400-Watt Linear Track Section


Hampton Bay White 1200-Watt Live End Linear Track Power Feed with 15 ft. Cord, Plug and Switch


Woods 15-Amp 7-Day Outdoor Plug-In Dual-Outlet Digital Timer, Black


Alternative Mounting Method

Lights can be suspended from bent electrical conduit to create a lighting system that floats above the living wall. 3/4 galvanized electrical conduit is bent and painted black to match the installation. Conduit is mounted to the wall using 3/4″ conduit wall mount brackets. Lights should extend 3 feet away from the wall. 2 feet of conduit is attached to the wall. The track light rail is attached to the conduit using small bolt hardware.

Florafelt Pocket Panel Custom Living Wall for Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton, Georgia.