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Florafelt Pro System Living Wall Installation by Lindsey Graves of Living Green Design

Lindsey Graves of Living Green Design used the Florafelt Pro System to create this living wall installation. Stainless steel grids were mounted to the wall then the water shield is inserted. For this install a custom recirculation system was added to use water from the pond below. Florafelt Grow Strip is then woven in then Florafelt Root Wrapped plants are added.

Lindsey Graves of Living Green Design.

Wire grids are added attached to the stucco wall using stainless clips and Tapcon concrete screws.

Florafelt Pro System irrigation tubing.

Water shields are inserted and irrigation tubing is attached to the top of the grid using zip ties. For this recirculating system, 3/8″ holes are drilled into the tubing above each grid column.

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Florafelt Grow strip weaving into a grid. US Patent 8141294.

Florafelt Grow strip is woven into the grid using the pleated method. A guide is used to make pocket depths consistent. This growing method is our proprietary method under US Patent 8141294.

Florafelt Pro System custom recirculating installation.

The Florafelt Pro System is ready to plant. The pond below will act as a water reservoir. Water will be recirculated using the pump below. A timer is located behind the wall. A hole behind the system is large enough to fit the submersible water pump’s 3-prong cord.

Lindsey Graves of Living Green Design.

Plants wrapped in Florafelt Root Wraps are added to the pockets to create a beautifully orchestrated design.

Florafelt Pro System design and install by Lindsey Graves of Living Green Design.
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Living Walls Absorb Noise, Outperform Most Materials

Living walls soothe our hectic lives. They not only look beautiful, clean the air, cool buildings, and support bio-diversity, a recent study from Spain proves how they absorb the harsh effects of urban noise and provide an individual oasis of calm.

A study by Spain’s Department of Thermal Engineering at the University of the Basque Country measured the sound absorption of living walls over a range of frequencies in an acoustic test chamber.

Living Wall Reverberation Testing Room. -Applied Acoustics.

The study by Applied Acoustics concluded that :

  • Green walls provide a weighted sound reduction index of 15 db.
  • Green Walls gave a measure a sound absorption coefficient of 0.40.
  • Green wall have significant potential for sound insulation for vegetal architecture.
Sound absorption coefficient value comparison between the green wall and common building materials. -Applied Materials
Florafelt Pockets Living Wall in Cleveland, Ohio by Architect Marika Shiori-Clark for Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

Compared to other building materials, living walls offer a significant reduction in noise, with the benefits of beauty and ecological harmony nothing else provides.

An urban oasis provides a place for relief. Florafelt Pockets living wall by Gardens of Babylon Nashville, Tennessee.