Hand Crafted Living Walls by Kieselbach Woodworks Hawaii

Florafelt Living Walls by Kieselbach Woodworks Hawaii

Dear Plants On Walls, Hope you have been doing well. I wanted to catch you up with the happenings with your fabulous product. Last month was kind of a ‘launch’ of the 8-pocket system in an African mahogany frame. The …

Succulent Tapestry by Landscape Architect Alec Hawley

Landscape architect Alec Hawley explores a dynamic collection of succulents for his own backyard living wall using the Florafelt Pro Vertical Garden System. Alec experimented with a wide variety of succulent species to identify the most successful for the environment. A …

He built one, and here they come.

Seth Stottlemyer’s first vertical garden is a stunner! Trained in Washington, DC, apprenticed in New York, and now headquartered in Sarasota, this entrepreneur brings a little northern exposure to the sunny South.

Designing In Sync With Mother Nature

Holy bromeliad, Batman! Jeffrey Allis of Tru Vine Design creates spectacular living walls and adds real value for his clients just by looking around.