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Rainwater Sourced Koi Pond Irrigates and Nourishes a Custom Crafted Atrium Fern Wall

Harvested rainwater creates a living oasis for a Southern California water conscious home.

The living wall integrates with the water catchment system

“Thanks Plants On Walls for all your help. Love your Florafelt product. Our Florafelt Pockets living wall is filling in nicely. Building this atrium was my retirement project and took a year to complete. All of the plants are irrigated with collected rain water and fed using Koi pond water. The off-grid water system makes this ideal project for Southern California.”
– Jack Barkley

Koi pond filled with harvested rainwater that also provides water and nutrients for the Florafelt living wall.
Florafelt Pockets living wall by Jack Barkley.
Florafelt Pockets living wall by Jack Barkley.
A Florafelt Pockets living wall filled with ferns beautifully integrates with the architecture.

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Vertical Gardens Make Us Happy

A wall of plants is more than a beautiful home feature. It’s an entire community of living things. Together they have a life of their own and create a distinct personality. The leaves grow and move every day, creating a subtle but distinct change. It’a living ecosystem that’s complex and rich, and that’s why they draw our attention.

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The deep green of the living wall with burlwood table and lighting created with seed pods enhance the organic feel to this space.

Getting to Know Your Vertical Garden

Touching your plants lets you know your living wall better. You can feel the raw power of life in each leaf. Interacting with plants reminds of the miracle of living things. Getting to know your living wall will also make the plants healthier and happier. For example, wiping leaves removes dust so they can breath easier. The surface of leaves absorb carbon dioxide from our breath and converts it to oxygen, which helps us breathe easier too.

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Landscape Designer Lindsey Graves of Living Green Design provides extra love and care to his living wall creations.
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Like a window into a forest, this living wall melts into the design of this architectural home.

Plants Give Back

Plants bring huge joy. We love potted plants in our homes and offices, but it’s magnified with an entire wall. We spend most of our time indoors, so a vertical garden is a reminder of how important nature is for our well-being. It feels like an open window and lets us experience nature every day.

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Philodendron Congo Green loves bright light, and pairs nicely with Philodendron Xanadu Neon to provide striking color contrast.

Inspiring Green Design

This living wall is designed by the architect and owners of this Noe Valley San Francisco home. With their construction team, they created a waterproof alcove with floor drains. An inset plywood surface was waterproofed with rubber pond liner, and Florafelt Pocket Panels were mounted using deck screws. Irrigation tubing was added at the top, and water slowly drips to each plant. Full-spectrum LED lighting provides perfect light levels. A mix of philodendrons and others are were added to create dramatic green sweeps with subtle textures. Over the years, the plants were rearranged, and new species introduced. The Florafelt Pockets and Wraps system makes it easy to sculpt this well-loved living wall.

Florafelt Pockets Make it Easy

Affordable and elegantly designed synthetic felt pockets are mounted easily to walls. Once irrigation and drainage is in place they are quickly planted to provide you with an instant living experience.