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Art and Permaculture Inspires Living Wall Design

Florafelt living wall by Linnea Botanicals.

Linnea Botanicals is a biophilic design firm founded by Beatrice Linnea Bast in Philadelphia and Delray Beach, Florida. Guided by her conviction to connect people to the natural world by bringing the outside in, she believes greenery makes us happier and more connected.

Working at the intersection of art and ecology, Linnea Botanicals designs custom indoor and outdoor vertical gardens. Deep experience in fine art and design makes for elegant installations, custom-suited to any space. When not dreaming up the next vertical garden, Linnea also delights in the art of botanical illustration.

She holds a BFA from the University of Michigan, a Permaculture Design Certificate from Urban Permaculture Institute of San Francisco, and has studied ornamental horticulture at San Francisco City College and also at the New York Botanical Garden. Growing up in Philadelphia, she spent much of her childhood gardening with her horticulturist grandparents, inspiring a lifelong love of plants.

Linnea Bast, owner of Linnea Botanicals with her Florafelt living wall design.
Linnea Bast, owner of Linnea Botanicals with her beautiful Florafelt living wall creation.
Linnea Bast maintains her Florafelt living wall.
Florafelt living wall by Linnea Botanicals.