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Rainwater Sourced Koi Pond Irrigates and Nourishes a Custom Crafted Atrium Fern Wall

Harvested rainwater creates a living oasis for a Southern California water conscious home.

The living wall integrates with the water catchment system

“Thanks Plants On Walls for all your help. Love your Florafelt product. Our Florafelt Pockets living wall is filling in nicely. Building this atrium was my retirement project and took a year to complete. All of the plants are irrigated with collected rain water and fed using Koi pond water. The off-grid water system makes this ideal project for Southern California.”
– Jack Barkley

Koi pond filled with harvested rainwater that also provides water and nutrients for the Florafelt living wall.
Florafelt Pockets living wall by Jack Barkley.
Florafelt Pockets living wall by Jack Barkley.
A Florafelt Pockets living wall filled with ferns beautifully integrates with the architecture.