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Florafelt 24-Pocket Panel with Metal Frame

This Full-24 Pocket Floraframe has been thriving and evolving over the last 5 months. It’s only light source is a 50-watt halogen flood bulb about 3 feet from the panel that is on a timer on daily for 8 hours. It’s water is sourced and drained into a toilet’s fresh water holding tank (in the room just behind the panel). A small fountain pump connected to a plug in timer waters the panel twice a week for 15 minutes. All of the plants are using root wrappers and the plants are fed with MaxSea fertilizer once a month, manually added by watering can. You can definitely notice when food is added how the plants burst out with new growth. It has been a delight to watch the panel grow and add and occasionally change plants around.

Florafelt 24-Pocket Panel with stainless steel frame.