Here is an easy irrigation system for small living walls.

Connect These Parts Together

Hose Splitter

  • Very important to keep your living wall irrigation separate from everyday use.
  • To prevent accidental shutoff use tape to keep the valves securely in the on position.
  • Post a sign to inform others that the living wall water must remain on.

Irrigation Hose Timer

  • Connect the hose timer directly to the Hose Splitter.

Pressure Regulator

  • Pressure regulators are very important to keep the connections from blowing out

1/4″ Irrigation Tubing Adapter

  • Use the adapter to convert from 3/4 inch hose threads to 1/4 inch tubing

1/4 inch Irrigation Tubing

  • Note maximum run can only be 20 feet depending on how many emitters are used.
  • If there is not enough water dripping from the emitters you will need to use a larger tube.

1/2 Gallon Inline Drip Emitters

  • Position 2 inline drip emitters per pocket at each pocket edge.
  • For Florafelt Pocket Systems only use a single irrigation line at the very top.

End Plug

  • Use the end plug to complete the system.