Florafelt Vertical
Garden Planters

It's a whole new way to think about gardening!

Grow a living wall easily with Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters. Our hand-made planters are designed to use the micro fibers in PET felt so that all the plants are watered equally.

The felt is made from recycled plastic water bottles, a non-toxic fiber that is indestructible and tough. This amazing material provides a safe growing medium that is pH neutral and non-reactive, so you can garden organically right on your wall - it's even safe for vegetables and herbs!

Roots grow right into the felt, which comes alive thanks to the microbiology in the soil.

Our planters come with our custom Root-Wrapping system. This lets you change and arrange your living wall at will, while maintaining the integrity of every plant in its own soil.

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Design Ideas

Planterra Canada uses Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters for their large scale commercial installations. Philodendrons flow along this curved vertical garden. The Florafelt panels are flexible enough to create a curve.

Firedean Shilling of Woodland Landscapes created a wild natural burst of life with Florafelt 12-Pocket Vertical Garden Planters for Atrium Restaurant in Brooklyn. The panels were neatly framed with metal edging that make a need edge and also acts as a drain tray at it's base. Halogen track fixtures deliver light for the plants and mood lighting for this urban underground scene.

Brian of Population Hair Salon in San Francisco used Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters to add a unique experience for his hair salon clients. Located behind the hair washing station, the tropical plants provide a burst of fresh as they relax in the leather seats.

Florafelt planters can be used to grow herbs and flowers too. This east-facing apartment patio comes alive with color and attracts hummingbirds too.

Eden Green Walls UK provided Humble by Nature's aquaponic vertical garden greenhouse with Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters to test food production with nutrients provided by a closed loop cycle that includes fish.

Newly planted baby tears will grow into a finely textured carpet. Florafelt pockets are stretched and filled end to end with soil and plant materials.